Alexis Sanchez, what a player!

Pure Chilean talent: Alexis Sanchez

alexis sanchezChile doesn’t have the brand name of neighbor countries Brazil and Argentina, but Chile has been producing great football players for decades who have preferred to keep a low profile compared to their Brazilian and Argentinian fellows. Alexis Sanchez is one of those low profile players who has as much talent in his books as the top football players in each of the European leagues, not to mention South American leagues.

Despite not being a tall player, Alexis Sanchez is known for his power and strength, having squatted 170 kilograms himself — imagine the power! To put it in perspective, Alexis Sanchez is about as tall as Leo Messi. Sanchez also has a great dribble and is very technical, preferring control and intelligent dribbling to speed and rawness. While he can play as a number 9 forward, Sanchez does better when he plays as a second forward in either side of the field, similar to Messi, actually.

With Chile, Alexis Sanchez is a solid option and him and Arturo Vidal form an excellent attacking duo. Arturo Vidal plays as a midfielder while Alexis Sanchez as a forward, so they make the perfect attacking connection in the same way that Xavi and Iniesta connected in Spain and FC Barcelona.

Alexis Sanchez will be giving us all plenty of entertaining moments, whether at Chile’s national team or at whichever club team he plays for!

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