Arturo Vidal and Llorente at Juventus

Are they the perfect connection?

Arturo Vidal and LlorenteFernando Llorente left his native Athletic de Bilbao with the premise of spending more time playing and less time on the bench. He has always been a regular at his old team but some off the field issues made him sit on the bench for the whole of 2013. So Llorente got tired of that and moved to Juventus.

Arturo Vidal is a Chilean football player who together with Alexis Sanchez makes up the perfect attacking connection for Chile’s national team. However, Arturo Vidal doesn’t have Alexis Sanchez with him at Juventus, instead he has Fermando Llorente.

Midfielder to attacker

Arturo Vidal has a complete vision of the game, similar to Xavi Hernandez (I love this player!). Llorente is an athletic player but his height of 193 centimeters makes him not the fastest player. He is great for using his head with the ball, but he cannot dribble like Alexis Sanchez. Because of this, when Fernando Llorente plays, Arturo Vidal takes a position that is more to the front so that he can dominate all the forward movement of the ball. This tactic and change of position of Arturo Vidal has created a great style of playing when both Vidal and Llorente are on the field and creating that floud connection!

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