Cristiano Ronaldo and his hairstyles and haircuts

A man who worries a bit “too much” about his hair and hairstyles

CR7 with short hairI was talking the other day with a friend about Cristiano Ronaldo’s hairstyles and haircuts. Somehow, the topic came out of Ronaldo styling his hair back during half time back to the hairstyle he had at the start of the match. I found this hilarious, and the fact that my friend is a die-hard Barcelona fan didn’t lend much credibility to his words about Ronaldo’s hair styling habits.

When I got home that same day after hearing about Ronaldo’s hair during halftime, I decided to search around on the Spanish press since Ronaldo plays for Real Madrid and he is pretty much stalked by the Spanish media. Lo and behold, I found an interview in a Spanish newspaper the following words below. I ran an online translator and paraphrased in English as I cannot speak Spanish.

About my hairstyle for every match? Yes, I like to wear a different hairstyle and haircut for every match. I never have the same style or cut two matches in a row. I have varied my hairstyles ever since I joined Manchester United.

That’s Ronaldo above admitting that, yes, he has an obsession with mens hairstyles. More on his words below.

Yes, it is true that I will re-style my hair during halftime. I spend 45 minutes running and heading the ball so it is normal that my hair looks like a mess when the first half is over. That is why I prefer short hair cuts like military haircuts and the undercut hairstyle. My hair is kept short but I can still style it in many hairstyles. The best of both worlds.

CR7 hairstylesThat’s Cristiano Ronaldo above admitting his obsession with his hair during a match! I didn’t know what the undercut hairstyle was but this undercut hairstyle website explains the different undercut haircuts as being short hairstyles that have been used by military personnel for decades, including the Army, Navy and the Marines, so the undercut isn’t just a new hair trend for men. There is a wild range of undercuts like the man bun undercut and the slicked back undercut, which to me they all sound like some “bro-code” used by Jersey Shore dudes and used as an excuse to satisfy some kind of weird hairstyle fetish.

Anyway, so Cristiano Ronaldo loves his hair short and in an undercut hairstyle. All because he doesn’t look as pretty at halftime than he did when he started the match. He also makes sure to never repeat the same hairstyle in a row, the same way women always make sure that they don’t wear the same shoes in a row. Gotta love the masculine sportsmen of today, right?

But wait, there’s more from Ronaldo and his hair.

I think of myself as being a trendy guy. I like nice clothes, nice earrings, nice cars and cool hairstyles. I try to follow the different trends so I always have something to innovate in my fashion style. My hair is very easy to change into a new hairstyle so that’s why I pay so much attention to my hair. It allows me to look different fast and in minutes!

CR7 with a trendy hairstyleJust like I had no clue what an undercut was, I had (and still have) no clue what a trendy hairstyle is. So I decided to browse the web and that’s how I found that undercut hairstyle website above. Words like “messy styles” and “brush up hairstyles” read to me like painting jargon, yet they are the names of the latest mens hairstyles. Or so that guide tries to convince me of. I do know that the undercut hairstyle is a hipster hairstyle as you will recall from my post on Dani Alves.

How can I summarize this post? Well, how about by saying that a man who idolizes his hair and who worries about what everyone else is saying is capable of getting paid 12 million euros to kick a ball. I mean, if Ronaldo made it possible, what’s your excuse?

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