Manchester United and their low era

Manchester United, what happened to you?

manchester united teamManchester United was once a club that was a candidate for all titles and trophies. In fact those men who were fans of Manchester United were called “glories”, in reference to the glory hunting era of Manchester United in the 1990s. David Beckham and Ryan Giggs were at Manchester United and killing it, but Manchester United lost its proverbial power in the mid-2000s. By 2014 the team was and is a piece of crap.

Will a new coach be able to fix Manchester United? I seriously have no clue. Do they need extra players in the team? Well, it is my opinion that they do need to rejuvenate the team and that they need to bring players from outside the club. The youth teams at Manchester United haven’t been producing much talent for the last 10 years and they really continue to look like they will not be producing much talent for the next couple of years.

Whatever happens with Manchester United, rest assured that I will be keeping an eye here!

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