Messi’s new military hairstyle after season’s first haircut!

Lionel Messi new hairstyle imitates a military haircut

Over the summer Leo Messi decided to change his hairstyle to a military haircut. Messi has been known for his long hair up until 2009 and then a short discreet hairstyle. Unlike Cristiano Ronaldo who is always wearing the latest hairstyles and haircuts, Leo Messi has preferred to keep his fashion style to himself and not look like a nacissist. Although Leo Messi did wear a very ugly suit for his 4th Ballon d’Or trophy!

Here are two pictures of Leo Messi’s military haircut. For those of you Messi fans like myself, seeing Messi with a new haircut or hairstyle is like seeing a pig fly, so here are two pics of Messi’s new hairstyle!

Picture of new haircut of Barcelona player Pictureof new hairstyle of Barcelona player

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