Neymar gets a new undercut hairstyle advised by Alves

Neymar has a new undercut haircut thanks to Alves

Neymar had really calmed down with his hairstyles for the last 6 months and it all looked like he would not go back to his terrifying crest hairstyles and mohican haircuts. But last week Neymar got a new haircut again.

I have to be critical of Barcelona. They have improved on the second part of the league and they really are taking off. They could even be this year’s Champions League winners. They’ve got everything to win this season. But here we have Neymar and Dani Alves being… Brazilians? If Dani Alves looks like an idiot with his hipster hairstyles and clothes, Neymar has gone back to looking like a running ostrich with his hair.

At least since my last hairstyle researching (LOL), i have learned that the new hairstyle of Neymar is an undercut hairstyle just like that homo called Cristiano Ronaldo. According to Spanish newspapers, it was Dani Alves’ idea. The things you learn having a blog…

photograph of neymar junior

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