24 julio 2024

Fotografía asombrosa de Júpiter tomada a mano por astrónomo chileno con su celular

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The Chilean astronomer Sebastián Campos has captured a stunning image of Jupiter using his cellphone camera, a feat that highlights the grandeur of the largest planet in our Solar System.

Jupiter stands out as a colossal entity, second only to the Sun within our celestial neighborhood. Despite its frequent appearances in our skies, its vast distance presents a challenge for space agencies aiming to explore it further.

Campos’ achievement is truly remarkable. With the aid of a telescope for visual reach, he managed to photograph Jupiter using only his cellphone camera, sharing the slightly shaky video on his social media. Despite the trembling, the video distinctly showcases Jupiter’s circumference.

In his social media post, Campos mentioned, “Jupiter, the king of planets, is currently in opposition—its closest point to Earth, offering a favorable viewing opportunity. Here’s a handheld capture I made using my cellphone through the telescope.”

Sebastián Campos, an astronomer leading the Galileo Observatory in Pisco Elqui, frequently astounds his followers with breathtaking cosmic images using his scientific instruments, notably his cellphone.

In October, he surprised many by capturing the death of a star located 1,250 light-years away from Earth. He expressed, “The photo I took of the Dumbbell Nebula might be the best result I’ve achieved in photographing the universe with a cellphone and telescope.”

Sebastián Campos’ innovative approach to astronomical photography continues to inspire awe and fascination among enthusiasts, showcasing the wonders of the cosmos through accessible technology.